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With Which Method Is Beard Transplantation Performed?

Actually, all hair transplantation techniques can be applied for the cavities in the beard area. However, which method to use must be decided by the team performing the operation. FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI Technique are suitable methods for beard transplantation. While planning the operation, the team that will perform the operation can also make a final decision about how the operation will take place.

How is Beard Transplantation Performed?

There is no difference between the stages of beard transplantation and the stages of hair transplantation.

  • First of all, it is taken from the donor area.
  • The roots taken at the extraction stage are arranged as in the hair transplantation process.
  • Then, with the help of Choi pen or forceps, the beard roots are transplanted.
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What are the Points to Consider in Beard Transplantation?

  • The first 3 days after beard transplantation are of great importance.
  • Use the drugs they will want you to use after the operation as specified for 5 days.
  • The person can take a body bath, but washing the beard for 10 days is separate.
  • It is recommended to stay away from blood thinners such as coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and green tea for the first 10 days.
  • In order not to damage the planting area, it is more appropriate to wear clothes that can be opened from the front.
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Frequently Asked Questions

After beard transplantation, full recovery is completed in almost 10 days. Generally, within 3-4 days, 70% of the healing is completed.

The procedure in beard transplantation is the same as the hair transplantation procedure. Beard transplantation is performed with local anesthesia. However, since it is a more sensitive area than the scalp, it is important that the team that will perform the operation is professional.

Of course, the beard taken from the donor area is a real beard. For this reason, it will naturally grow with its planting. After sowing, the recommendations of the team performing the operation should be followed and the planting should be more successful.

It is not possible to leave a scar after beard transplantation. Recovery times vary according to the DHI and FUE technique.

Of course, it is possible to transplant hair and beard in a single session. It will be a bit challenging for the patient to be transplanted within the team that will perform the operation. If you only think that hair transplantation takes around 6 hours and beard transplantation will be done for 2-3 more hours, we think that it will be a tiring process for everyone and it would be more accurate to plan it as 2 days.

People who want to shave after beard transplantation should wait at least 3 months. However, it is possible to cut with scissors during this time. If he wants to shave with a razor, we recommend that he wait up to 1 year.

First of all, the beard opening is examined and the donor area is examined with the help of magnifying cameras. Planning is made according to the openness of the person and according to this planning, the number of roots to be planted, the frequency and the method to be applied are decided.