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What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation is performed with medical pens, which we call Choi, not with forceps in the transplantation part, as in the FUE technique. DHI hair transplantation technique is a technique used both in terms of less damage to hair follicles and for more frequent transplantation. Although the acquisition and arrangement stages are the same with other hair transplantation techniques, it is the technique in which only the transplantation part is made with the help of the pencils.

What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

When we compare the DHI hair transplantation technique with other hair transplantation techniques, it is seen that there are many advantages. These;
  • The recovery time of DHI hair transplantation is faster.
  • Compared to the FUE method, the risk of bleeding is much less.
  • Deciding the direction of the hair follicles.
  • High success rate of the direct hair transplantation.
  • More frequent hair transplantation
  • Getting a more natural look
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What is the Difference of DHI Hair Transplant Technique?

In DHI hair transplantation, as in other hair transplantation procedures, the acquisition and alignment stages are the same, but the difference begins only in the transplantation stage. The difference of DHI hair transplantation technique is that hair transplantation is performed through medical pens called CHOI without opening the incisions, as in the FUE method.With CHOI pens, more frequent planting can be done and a more natural appearance can be achieved. The success rate is higher in the DHI technique, and it is a more comfortable planting technique for the patients in terms of the healing process.

What are the Disadvantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

The biggest disadvantage of DHI hair transplantation is time. Although the procedure is performed by a more crowded team, it takes longer than the FUE technique. The operation can be planned for 2 days for people who have a large gap in their hair.This is the disadvantage of DHI hair transplantation, which has too many openings. It is a 2-day operation planning for more openings. In the FUE method, more transplantation can be done in a single session, while in the DHI method, a maximum of 2500-3000 grafts can be transplanted.

Who is DHI Hair Transplant Applied to?

  • DHI Hair transplantation can be applied to both men and women.
  • DHI Hair transplantation can be done for people between the ages of 20-65 as long as there is no obstacle.
  • It is a more suitable technique especially for patients who want more frequent transplantation.
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What are the DHI Hair Transplant Stages?

Operation Planning

First of all, the patient’s opening area is examined and it is determined how many grafts hair transplantation is needed. Now, using the blessings of technology, the hair follicles in the donor area to be taken are examined with the help of magnifying cameras. By dividing the areas with openings, the number of plantings is completely clarified. The front line is determined according to how the patient wants to see himself with hair. The patient’s blood test is taken and it is checked whether there is an obstacle to the operation.

Extraction Phase

According to the number of hair follicles in the planning stage, root extraction is done with the help of a micro motor.

Alignment Phase

The hair follicles taken are counted on the punch sets and arranged in 100. It is kept in a solution in a container, protected until the planting process.

Transplantation Phase

The roots, which are kept in line during the alignment stage, are placed in the CHOI pens during the planting stage. The roots placed in the pen are placed on the scalp according to the natural direction of the hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the channel is not opened in DHI hair transplantation, as in the FUE technique, the healing process is faster. When washing is performed 1 day after hair transplantation, only redness is seen in the DHI technique. It will not cause a problem for you to continue your normal life.

DHI Hair transplantation can be done several times or it can be planned as a few sessions. This depends entirely on planning how many grafts can be transplanted, depending on the adequacy of the donor area. At the same time, the openness of the patients determines the number of sessions.

DHI Hair transplantation process takes between 6 and 8 hours on average. However, depending on the person's patency and the graft and regional planning of the hair transplant, the operation time may be shortened or extended.

DHI Hair transplant prices; Although it varies according to the experience and quality of the team who will perform the hair transplant operation, the clarity of the patient who will have the hair transplant is of great importance.

  • Since the channel is not opened in the DHI technique, the healing process is much faster than the FUE technique.
  • The DHI technique stands out with its aesthetic appearance compared to the FUE technique. In the DHI technique, a natural appearance can be achieved so that it is not obvious that the hair transplant was done.
  • Hair transplantation can be done much more frequently in DHI technique compared to FUE technique, and it can provide greater happiness to patients who will have hair transplantation.
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